Reset Fitness

Can goal setting boost motivation and results?

The short answer is yes! But, of course, there’s more to it than that. Goal setting will help to provide clarity, focus, direction and motivation, but these factors all depend on how you determine your goals and monitor your progress.


For us, the initial step in goal setting, and, in fact, for any new member, is an assessment. An assessment is a one-to-one session with a coach, during which the member’s lifestyle is analysed and various body metrics are taken. The purpose for us is to get to know the member and to understand their current fitness level and lifestyle habits. Similarly, for the member the aim is for them to better understand their body so they can formulate goals that are more precise and realistic.


With our Comprehensive Assessment we can gather even more detail about a member. A scan provides key body measurements, while through a series of exercises supported by sensors a member’s mobility and flexibility is analysed. The results can highlight muscle imbalances or potential injury risks and give our coaches a more accurate means of supporting a member’s goal setting and class performance.


During an assessment, our coaches work with the member to set goals. The aim is to create clear, specific goals, typically with a set timeframe for achieving them, for example: ‘I will lose 1.5kg in 6 weeks’ or ‘I will increase my muscle mass by 1% in 6 weeks’. However, goals can also be lifestyle-related: ‘I will cut down from 3 sugars in my coffee to 1’ or ‘I will get out of the lift 2 floors earlier and walk up the steps.’


We also underline the benefit of targeting smaller, more attainable goals which deliver a sense of accomplishment and further fuel members’ motivation to continue setting goals and making positive changes.


Accountability is another pivotal factor to achieving goals/results. A study by Dr. Gail Matthews for Dominican State University found that participants who wrote down their goals were 33% more successful in achieving them, while those who sent weekly updates to a friend were 70% more successful. We tackle accountability by advocating assessments every 6 weeks, inviting members to write down and photograph their key goals, and having accessible and available coaches that can guide members through classes and regularly check-in with them to assess and support them in achieving their goals.


When it comes to results, we also advise our members to look beyond the numbers and to consider improvements to other areas of their life, such as sleep quality, stress levels, strength and agility and general sense of wellbeing.


“It’s been great to help me stay focused, on track and accountable.”  That’s the verdict of our member, Catrin Paton, who completed our 6-Week Reset program, which is designed to help members kickstart or refocus their fitness journey through assessments and goal setting.