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Is functional training beneficial to teens?

Functional training is designed to strengthen the body (and mind) for everyday life, and this applies to teens as much as adults. Through functional training teens can improve their overall fitness, body strength, balance, agility and coordination. Functional training can also enhance the performance of teens in other sports, with improved fitness levels, agility, mobility and strength giving them an extra edge.

There are other benefits to be gained for teens participating in regular functional fitness classes, these include:

Healthy Mindset: Functional training is a great in-road to fitness and wellbeing and an ideal foundation for establishing healthy habits at an early age. A recent study by Asics underscored the importance of this, finding that 58% of people who regularly exercised between the ages of 15-17 continued to exercise regularly in later life.

Better Concentration & Focus: Regular workouts can help to improve cognitive function and enhance concentration and focus levels, which will in turn benefit their studies.

More Energy & Sleep: These might seem like contrasting benefits, but staying active through functional training can help to boost energy levels and regulate sleep.

Confidence Booster: There are multiple ways to see progress through functional training, a higher number of reps, a heavier weight, or as our Reset Teens know, progressing from a Functional exercise to an Athletic one. This sense of achievement can give teens a massive confidence boost and lift to their self-esteem.

Injury Prevention: Functional training strengthens muscles and improves joint mobility and flexibility, which can lessen the risk of injury during sports and other daily activities. 

Mental Health Boost: Working out releases feel-good endorphins that can help to reduce anxiety or stress levels. But exercising doesn’t just provide a short term boost to mental health, the Asics study also found that the ages of 15-17 are the most critical for staying active and dropping out of exercise at this stage can impact mental health into adulthood.

At Reset Fitness, our goal is to provide accessible functional training for different age groups and fitness levels. We have dedicated teens classes, with workouts curated specifically for this age group.

As functional training involves weight-bearing exercises that use bodyweight, dumbbells, kettlebells, slam balls and other equipment, our Coaches carefully lead, guide and support teens throughout the class to ensure their form and technique is correct and that they get maximum benefit from classes.

We also make sure the classes are fun, engaging and welcoming; just like our adult members enjoy the community environment of Reset Fitness, so do our teens!