Reset Fitness

Why ‘Get Fit For Life’?

‘Get Fit For Life’ is our tagline, and for a fitness company it probably doesn’t sound too out of the ordinary, but for us it’s a tagline that encompasses the who, the how and the why of our concept.


It also succinctly sums up our mission: Giving people worldwide the opportunity to build a healthier lifestyle by empowering every person to become more active using our easily accessible fitness concept built around a fun, innovative and interactive community spirit.


The Who

With obesity rates increasing, figures from the World Health Organization revealed that in 2022 43% of adults 18 or over were overweight, with 16% of these being obese, we wanted to create a concept that enables people of any fitness level to have access to a fun, engaging and rewarding fitness experience.


Our members range from the ages of 12-70*. We have members that are new to fitness, or that haven’t worked out in a while. We have those that are and always have been regularly training or working out. In our classes, they can train side by side, each working at a pace and level that suits them.


*Our concept includes dedicated Reset Teens Classes for 12-17 year olds.


The How

Our concept is based on functional training. Our workouts replicate movements performed in everyday life – think squatting, lunging, pushing, pulling, twisting – and exercise multiple muscle groups simultaneously.  This helps to strengthen the body and enhance mobility and flexibility, making everyday actions smoother and easier.


Our bank of over 2,000 exercises enables us to create full body workouts that stimulate all muscle groups, without fatiguing or overworking any one muscle group. It also means we can offer a new workout every day, providing a fitness experience that negates boredom and stimulates the mind as well as muscles.


The Why

This is the simple part for us: we believe in the power of physical fitness to bring positive change. We live and experience daily how training, and simply consistent, regular movement, can deliver benefits to all. We see and hear from members who tell us how they are sleeping better, have more confidence, feel more energised, have lost weight.  In fact, let’s hear from one of our members now:


Reset has really helped me maintain a consistent fitness routine, and I’ve seen a huge improvement in my sleep pattern. Most importantly, I have lost weight and transformed my body. I feel much more confident not only within myself and my clothes but also in the classes. I couldn’t be happier with the results! Stacey Loftus