Reset Fitness

Can technology enhance your workout and results?

As a tech-based fitness company, it’s no surprise to learn that we fully believe in the power of tech to transform and enhance user experience and results. We’ve developed automated workouts that integrate HR tracking and are projected across TV screens in our studio, simultaneously creating a fitness program that is personalised and optimised for our users. 


With our workouts personalisation is delivered in several ways. Firstly, through our Functional and Athletic exercise options we empower our members to take control of their workout; giving them the choice of which exercise to do, and the ability to progress or regress depending on how they feel.


With our tech-based approach, the workout TVs control the format of the session, guiding participants on the exercises to perform, when to work, rest and move stations and recommending a working HR percentage. This frees up our Coaches from standing at the front of a class demonstrating exercises for participants, instead allowing them to circulate throughout the class giving members personalised feedback to ensure they are performing exercises properly, safely and effectively, while also motivating and encouraging them.


The integration of HR tracking into our workouts also facilitates Coaches in guiding members through the workout, allowing them to easily identify when a member should be looking to step up their effort level or when they might need to dial it back. Similarly, by providing members with the ability to track their HR and align it to the target HR (which is displayed on screen), it enables them to identify if they should be increasing, decreasing or maintaining their work rate.


As they say information is power and utilising technology enables us to give our members usable and valuable information to support their fitness goals. Providing members with instantaneous feedback on their HR can optimise their performance level and maximise the results from an individual workout and on a longer-term basis when working out. Members wearing a Myzone Switch device will see their HR and effort level projected on a dedicated TV in our studio, and a report in medical journal The Lancet indicated that wearable trackers can improve physical activity in users, including increasing step counts, walking time and weight loss.


Post-workout, members using Myzone also receive a detailed report on their workout performance, which can incentivise and direct them in their next workout, and/or be discussed with our Coaches for additional guidance.


Our member experience and attainment of their fitness goals is further supported by our tech-based assessments, which analyse and generate reports on a wide range of metrics including weight, fat/muscle/bone mass, visceral fat, protein level, mobility and flexibility. Again, the wealth of information obtained during these assessments is beneficial to both our members and Coaches. For members, they have a clear picture of their current fitness level which will help them in setting and tracking their fitness goals. For our Coaches, it enables them to develop a personalised and informed fitness/lifestyle plan that supports the member in attaining their fitness targets.


If you haven’t already, why not come and experience a workout/assessment at Reset Fitness and see the impact it can have on your performance!