Reset Fitness

Why consistency counts when working out

Consistency isn’t the most exciting or glamorous of words, but it is a word that packs a lot of punch when it comes to fitness training.

Why? Simply put, being consistent and working out regularly is what will deliver sustainable results. It’s the path to achieving goals and then setting new ones.

Consistency begins with routine. Allocating time in your schedule to work out, and ideally sticking to the same workout time, every time. A study published in Obesity found that participants who kept to the same training time worked out more regularly than those who worked out at random timings. This in turn may have been a key factor in helping those participants maintain their weight loss.

But it’s not just your routine and mindset that benefits from consistency, your body does too. Working out irregularly or infrequently doesn’t give your body time to adapt, strengthen or grow, which means achieving your fitness goals is much less likely.

At Reset Fitness, we always advise our new members to aim for 3-4 classes a week. This helps them to familiarise themselves with our training program, start building that consistency, and to integrate within our community and find their workout buddies.

We also recommend all members take regular Assessments to set and track their fitness goals. This is a fantastic way to incentivise and motivate members, committing to a goal focuses them and encourages them to stick to their workout routine, consistently. It also enables them to see how that consistency is paying off with weight / fat loss, muscle / bone density growth, and more.

Our workout programs are also designed to ensure that consistency doesn’t become boring! Firstly, our workouts are fun and they’re different every day! Our class disciplines change each day, and so do the individual workouts. The workouts also sequentially work and rest muscle groups, allowing time between exercises and workouts for recovery and reducing muscle fatigue, which of course supports consistent, regular training.

Our workouts are also designed to keep members engaged and motivated, allowing them to celebrate small achievements regularly, for example, progressing from a Functional exercise to an Athletic one, or increasing their weight, tempo or reps for a particular exercise or series of exercises.