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Why do our coaches teach quality over quantity?

Quality or quantity? It’s not a new question, and for most (including us) the answer is obvious. Quality!

Now, that’s not to say we don’t understand the value or importance of quantity in the world of fitness. We do encourage our members to count the number of reps they’re doing each set and in some workouts to complete AMRAP (as many reps as possible). And our coaches will drive a member to perform an extra rep or two, but only because they KNOW that member and they KNOW that have a little more to give.

But we’ll never prioritise quantity over quality. We’d rather a member performed 8 bodyweight squats with the correct form and technique, than 12 rushed, ragged and injury-risking bodyweight squats. And the same goes for any other exercise they need to perform in our workouts. A survey by revealed that 1 in 5 people have been injured due to incorrect form when exercising and that’s not something we want our members to experience.

With our TV-led concept, our coaches can circulate throughout the studio, directing and instructing participants on how to perform the exercises they see on the screen correctly and safely. This can involve the coach talking a member through how to perform the exercise and highlighting when and where they should be feeling tension, guiding their breathing to support movement or demonstrating and performing the exercise with them.

Getting form and technique correct is a fundamental for us. It minimises the risk of injury and provides a platform from which a member can develop and excel. With the right technique, they’ll be exercising their muscles correctly and feeling the benefits of it. They’ll be stronger, more mobile, more agile and flexible. They’ll see progression, moving from our Functional exercises to our Athletic ones, or in performing more reps or lifting at a heavier weight.

And it’s not just our adult members that are benefitting from learning the importance of good technique and form, so are our teens:

Their teen classes are fantastic. My son has been attending them for over a year and loves them. He gets great fitness tips, enjoys the fun sessions and the instructors provide expert supervision to protect against injuries etc. Helen H