Lauren Goggs

Lauren Goggs

lives in: Dubai, UAE

How would you describe yourself?

Bubbly and Fun…but could also be your Mum 😉

Where are you from?

The Garden of England, otherwise known as Kent. 

How did you get into fitness?

I have always loved sport and exercise. When I moved to London I got stuck in a corporate job working all hours under the sun and not taking care of myself. I burnt myself out and knew I needed to look after my own physical and mental wellbeing.

I left my job to travel and learn more about my own body which led to taking my PT qualifications and soon feel in love with helping women become more confident versions of themselves through exercise. Becoming a mum has only cemented my commitment to helping women through fitness.

What do you bring to Reset classes?

As well as wealth of knowledge in health and wellness, I bring a tonne of energy to motivate the class and some pretty terrible dance moves!

Tell us a secret about yourself:

Ooh, too many to choose from. You will have to buy me a drink first ;)