Reset Fitness

Gymtimidation – not with Reset Fitness!

The benefits of regular exercise are well-documented: weight management, strengthened muscles & bones, reduced risk of heart disease, boost to mental health and that’s just to name a few. But for many, gymtimidation, the fear of going to or working out in a gym/fitness environment, is also very real.


A 2022 report by My Protein revealed that 90% of Americans that they surveyed were concerned about how they are perceived by others at the gym, while 30% admitted suffering from performance-based anxiety. These findings are echoed elsewhere across the globe, 39% of respondents to a survey by a UK-based fitness provider said feeling self-conscious was reason they avoided the gym or working out.


As a fitness company, it is something we are only too aware of, and have sought to address in our concept. Our workouts are TV-led meaning every participant is focused on their respective screen and the exercise they need to perform for the station they are at, there’s no need to look around the room to see what anyone else is doing or how you compare.


We also offer two exercise options at every station: Functional & Athletic. These options are unique to our workouts and make group fitness classes accessible to participants, regardless of their fitness level.


Functional exercises feature lower impact, activational movements and are ideal for building technique and expanding range of movement. Athletic exercises are more dynamic and tend to use more weights. Movements are typically faster and require more effort and coordination. 

Providing this choice of exercises gives participants control of their workout. They can choose which exercise to do at each station and can progress, or regress, at their own pace, with our coaches to guide, support and encourage throughout.

For our members, giving them control, choice and focus is certainly proving a winner…

The classes are super fun with loud music, catering to your ability with a simple & a more advanced option at each station. Being unhappy in my skin and too intimidated to go to the gym… this has been a breakthrough choice! A real RESET and lifestyle change! Vanessa Rees