We believe in wellness + health (wellth) for your body, mind and soul. Our aim is to help you build a sustainable, healthier lifestyle. We want to see you rewarded for all the hard work you are putting in and our Assessments are fundamental to this. Through our Assessments we are able to:
• Set specific fitness goals
• Develop a tailored wellth plan
• Measure & track your progress
We offer 2 Assessments: Basic and Comprehensive. Both use our advanced AfaScan machine, the only one in the UAE.
Our Basic Assessment provides a comprehensive body composition scan that details information including your weight, body mass, muscle mass, bone mass and fat percentage.
Our Comprehensive Assessment takes things a step further. In addition to a body composition scan, it assesses your functional movement and mobility, providing a prehabilitative approach by identifying muscle imbalances and potential injury risks.
To book an Assessment, speak to our friendly reception team.